CHANCE is a youth development service organisation funding education programmes in Nepal. We aim to address quality of education and provide personal development through the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

CHANCE’s teacher training is proving a success in schools

Our education advisor Kerry Aryal has been visiting schools in the hill villages north of Pokhara, assessing the effectiveness of the child-friendly teacher training we have been providing to 64 schools in Nepal as part of our CHANCE for Change programme. While there are still obvious areas for improvement, her assessment is extremely positive. She reports a greatly improved relationship between teachers and pupils, with better morale among teachers, and children no longer afraid to come to school.

Child-friendly kindergarden teaching at Shree Deurali Primary School

Child-friendly kindergarden teaching at Shree Deurali Primary School

Kerry visited four schools where teachers have been provided with training and one where they had not. She observed teachers during lessons and interviewed both teachers and pupils afterwards to see if they thought lessons had improved.

“So far, so good,” said Kerry. “We’re very pleased that significant progress has been made. The pupils in schools where our training has been provided appear to be enjoying lessons, and the quality of pupil-teacher interaction is now much higher with teachers who have completed the training. There’s clear evidence of support and commitment from teachers towards child-friendly, child-centred teaching methods.”

Kerry also spoke to teachers about whether there are improvements we could make to the training programme.

“Most of the classrooms had materials from the teacher training programme on display, but I never saw them being used in the lessons I observed. Many classrooms have been brightly painted with key spelling, number charts and multiplication tables, but teachers seemed to be reluctant to use some of the interactive resources, and said they wanted more training with them. They are also keen to have regular updates after the initial one week training course,” said Kerry.

Child-friendly teaching methods ensure that every child has the chance to learn in an environment that is physically safe, emotionally secure and psychologically enabling. A child-friendly school recognises, encourages and supports children to learn by providing an enriching culture. Curriculum content in these schools is relevant and focused on the particular needs of the children.

CHANCE will be concentrating on delivering and improving the training in the 64 schools already in the programme for the time being. Kerry is hoping to go out and evaluate more of the schools through February and March.

You can download her full interim report on our child-friendly teacher training here.

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