CHANCE is a youth development service organisation funding education programmes in Nepal. We aim to address quality of education and provide personal development through the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

What we do

We help provide for education in Nepal in three complementary ways.

CHANCE for Children

Chance for Children

CHANCE for Children is an educational support programme which provides funding for deprived and poor children to attend school. The children we help come from poor families and single parents, or are orphans. All are at risk of being trafficked, exploited for work or other atrocities if they are not protected by being given the CHANCE for education. We have worked in this area since 2004 and will soon be developing the programme into a broader development chance for children by offering it in schools as part of the International Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. When funding is in place we will deliver personal development opportunities for all children in participating schools, and our aim is to provide a nationwide programme.

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CHANCE for Change

Chance for Change
CHANCE for Change is a community development programme which supports educational infrastructure. We aim to provide communities with the facilities for quality education, including classroom and toilet building projects, and the softer requirements of teacher training, child-friendly schooling, and active teaching and learning techniques. Here we focus on the philosophy of quality education to enable government and community schools to deliver better results through child-friendly techniques.

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CHANCE for Life

Chance for Life

CHANCE for Life is an income generation programme which aims for community schools to become self-sufficient. We give a small capital donation and project management support to schools and local organisations for the first year, enabling them to provide equipment such as teaching aids and books in a sustainable way. This is done by investing the fund in an income generation scheme to provide ongoing funding and maintenance for the school. The programme is designed to encourage self-sufficiency and is a sustainable way of giving. Our projects have a return on investment of over two in the first year, which we believe no other charity can beat.

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