CHANCE is a youth development service organisation funding education programmes in Nepal. We aim to address quality of education and provide personal development through the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

CHANCE for Life

The impact

Mothers' group engagement ...

Mothers’ group engagement …

... Leads to a chicken farm being set up ...

… Leads to a chicken farm being set up …

... And the profits fund a community school

… And the profits fund a community school

The policy

This programme is about creating a sustainable platform for community schools to become self-sufficient. We provide a fund of up to £1000 to be invested in an income generation project of the community’s choice.

Chance for LifeA working group is set up which includes members from the school management committee, village development committee and other active organisations such as mothers’ groups. The project elects a managing committee from each group and sets up a governance structure to decide what they will do, how they allocate tasks, how the project accounting will be documented, and what to do with the profits.

CHANCE makes an agreement that at least 50% of profits must go to the school, but the remainder can be used at the discretion of the managing committee, as long as it is spent on development projects. This gives an element of autonomy to the local community and encourages engagement and entrepreneurship. The additional funds can also be re-invested to expand the project and increase future years’ profits.

The aim of the programme is to remove the dependency on annual donations for books, materials and equipment, and to empower the school management to provide this funding for themselves.

So far we have achieved a return on investment of £2.70 for every £1 invested in the first year of operation. When we compare this with other charities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and international NGOs (INGOs) we can see this programme is very successful, with small initial investments and large returns. We are integrating this life changing initiative with CHANCE for Change to the benefit of both programmes.

We have also seen that members of the local community are learning from the income generation projects and setting up small scale businesses of their own. This has a positive impact on the local economy and improves general standards of living. We believe this is a programme which truly does change lives.

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