CHANCE is a youth development service organisation funding education programmes in Nepal. We aim to address quality of education and provide personal development through the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

CHANCE is in the process of closing down our operations and distributing our remaining funds to other charities working in Nepal with similar aims.

We will continue to run our School Bursary Scheme until all the remaining children enrolled in the scheme have completed their education up to Year 12 (age 18). We have sufficient reserve funds to pay the school fees for all our remaining children. Since the charity is closing, we will not be taking on any new students. We therefore do not need any further income from donors.

We would like to thank all of our supporters for your kind generosity over the years. Thanks to you, CHANCE has been able to provide education for over 300 children who would not otherwise have been able to attend school. Many of these children have been able to proceed to further education and find jobs that their parents could not. We were also able to introduce a number of teacher training programmes.

Our proudest achievement was to introduce the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award into Nepal, and hand over the management of The Award to a local operator run by Nepalis.

Thank you once again for all your support.